Andrew, frnd047


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Andrew frnd047

Found in set 41015 Dolphin Cruiser

Released in 2013



All About Andrew:

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Light Blue

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Chinese food, French fries

Hobbies: Soccer, sailing, making TV shows

Favorite Animals: Milo and Sheen, the dolphins


Andrew is a straight-A student, he is good at sports, and he works for the Heartlake High TV Station in his spare time. However, sometimes he can be a bit too eager to be the best at everything and he forgets how to be a good friend. Andrew loves the ocean and joins dolphins Mia and Maya on a dolphin research mission on the Dolphin Cruiser boat. Andrew and Maya take time off to water-ski. Did you know that Andrew has known Emma, Andrea, and Stephanie since elementary school - they played soccer together.


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