Random bulk LEGO bricks: Sold by the pound.

Atlanta Brick Co

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Random bulk LEGO pieces taken straight from our pick a brick table as low as $6.50 per lbs when you buy 10 lbs!

All the LEGO has been thoroughly washed. We try our best to discard poor condition pieces, however, some may sneak through. You may get some poor condition pieces in your order. 

We try our best to sort out the non-LEGO pieces but there are usually a few that sneak by, there may be a few non-LEGO pieces in your order.

There should not be any minifigures or minifigure accessories in these pieces, just random bricks.

Order any size from 1-10 pounds.

Item sizes and prices are-

1 lb for $10.

2 lbs for $18.

3 lbs for $25

4 lbs for $32.

5 lbs for $38.

6 lbs for $44.

7 lbs for $50.

8 lbs for $56.

9 lbs for $60.

10 lbs for $65.

The more you buy the more you save!